ISIS is a web application which provides a management system, in the form of a comprehensive database, covering Continental Associations and National Federation details management, Athletes’ and Officials’ profiles, Event Calendar, Online entries and Accreditations for international competitions, etc..

Each National Federation or Organising Committee of an ICF official event is given predefined access and permissions for managing particular parts of the system according to their status.

In regards to registration, this web application handles the whole registration process of a delegation (athletes, team staff, officials) and subsequent aspects (accreditations editing printing etc...).

ISIS will soon offer a public information system where general public, media and canoe family members will be able to check athletes’ biographies, historical results, as well as entries, start-lists, and live results for the ICF official events. The system will be available from the ICF website homepage.

A few very important reminders:

1) The use of ISIS to manage the online entries for 2015 ICF Events in Canoe Slalom and Canoe Sprint (World Championships and World Cups) is mandatory. Both organisers and national federations must make sure to register their athletes through the system.

2) The use of ISIS to manage the online entries for 2015 ICF Events in non Olympic disciplines (World Championships and World Cups) is not mandatory but highly recommended.

3) We kindly ask to all the National federations to make sure they have got their credentials to access the system and to fill in or verify their contact details such as address, email address, telephone etc… If you do not have your credentials please ask them at: isis@canoeicf.com

Username and password

Originally those are the same as for the previous online entries system.

Your username is the same as your country IOC abbreviation.

If you do not remember your password, you will be able to receive it again by clicking on the dedicated button on the home page. If you are not the receiver of the email, please write to isis@canoeicf.com.

User guide V.2

Please download the version 2 of ISIS user guide by clicking here.

Accreditations user guide

Please download the ISIS accreditation user guide by clicking here.

Support and miscellaneous questions

You can download an Issue Log Sheet by clicking here to describe your problem (Microsoft Word format).

Please return it to isis@canoeicf.com.

Click on the link below to access ISIS!

 Access ISIS



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